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One of the key problems in 'adult' creativity is the loss of confidence in creativity. This results in what we call 'the rush to assumed solutions'; zero creative exploration in favour of people reaching 'back' to what they've seen before! So, key to nurturing creativity in kids is to introduce simple but powerful problem solving process ; beginning first with curiosity and empathy, that then inspires the 'BIF I had an idea' moment, then finishing with realising that creativity as an idea maker.

BIFKiDS facilitates this creative process through 2 key resources. Firstly our WORKSHEET template narrates this creative problem solving process. Secondly, kids summarise their WORKSHEET into a confident IDEA presentation template we call PRESENTS. We're providing both these resources here FREE for anyone to download and use; at home, at school, or work, at play, etc.  




A simple A3 WORKSHEET that narrates the process of creative problem solving; first describe WHAT the problem is using the creative styles of see, hear, feel and stealth modes. Then capture insights on WHY the problem is happening. This will inspire the 'BIF I had an idea' moment of HOW to solve it. Then we finish with exploring what would it take to make their idea happen and what it might look like in action. 




To help build creative presentation confidence, we're providing BIFKiDS PRESENTS sheets that half narrates how children can boldly present their idea story; from WHAT the problem is right the way through to "So BIF, I had an idea and it works like this".  Kids can choose to IdeasBoys or IdeasGirls - we're providing both.




We've completed 'Lila's Ideas Girl Story' which will be StoryBook no3 in our series but have yet to produce and publish. She has however recorded her audio version, so we thought why not put it up here as a resource for people to enjoy. We'd love to hear your thoughts...




BIFKiDS is mainly about analogue kids creativity. We're not against screen time when managed well, but the last thing we'd want to innovate is BIFKiDS app that attracted kids to be 'on screen' more than 'on paper' etc.

So, with that in mind we're taking our time to consider carefully what would the BIFKiDS creative problem solving app be. Given we use the iPad and Apple pencil a lot, we think there's rich potential to replicate our WORKSHEET and PRESENTS resources in the iPad way. 

Follow us on instagram @bifkids for progress updates. Or if you have a strong view either way we'd love to hear it. Or better, chat about it over good coffee.