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creativity must be a lifelong asset
— Matt Hart, Founder of BIFKiDS

"What will be left for humans when the robots arrive? It’s obvious: creative jobs, jobs that need empathy, jobs where you’re generating ideas, jobs where you’re problem solving. All these are undervalued in schools"

- Peter Hyman, School 21. Stratford. London.

Some NASA associated researchers shared the results of a longitudinal study that measured creativity in 1600 kids. It found that at the age of 5, 98% of the children scored as creative geniuses. Brilliant. But at 10, the number had dropped to 30%. And at 15 the number plummeted to a shocking 12%. They then tested adults using the same approach and the score was 2%! This is a crisis! We are literally educating our kids out of THE critical behaviour, skill and mindset they will need to thrive in their future... namely creativity.

The world that our kids education is supposedly preparing them for will looking nothing like it does now. It will be automated, it will be populated with all kinds of robotics and other data-led intelligent systems doing many of the jobs around today. And this isn’t some future fantasy, it’s beginning around us now!

“Future proofing kids of every age with the creative problem solving behaviours of empathy, curiosity and resilience alongside a practical understanding of power of collaboration”

The task is to future proof our young people for whatever world of work they’ll eventually enter (let alone developing their capacity to ‘create’ the life they want). So yes that means STEM is important - but so is nurturing and developing their powers of imagination, creativity and creative problem solving.

BIFKiDS is a response to this urgent need. Fun, engaging, natural for young people, it is a way to augment structured education with a complimentary set of learning experiences, entertainment and play built around a proven process they can learn once and replicate for ever. We’re including resources for teachers, parents, carers - anyone who cares about helping kids thrive come what may.

We need ideas. We need better ideas faster. And we need the next-generations ready and inspired with everything they need to create them.




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This is BIFKiDS story No1. Inspired by Matt’s young daughter Lila, this was the first translation of 20 years 'BIF for Enterprise' works into an imaginative story for kids built around a creative problem solving narrative.

Matt led with ‘girls’ for a number of reasons. Primarily it was a response to his efforts to nurture his daughter's creativity to overcome the negative cultural biases for the expectations of her future - because she is a girl. However, despite Matt being in the creative industries for 2 decades, he lacked the confidence to know exactly how to nurture Lila’s creativity. His spontaneous idea before any kind of ‘book’ was to call her an ‘Ideas Girl’. This simple statement of validation, encouragement and reinforcement had an immediate, tangible impact. Over time Matt realised there was a much bigger idea beyond his personal family nuturing.

And so ‘Ideas Girl’ was born.

In this story, there's a young girl called Hettie; she has a brother Jack, a dog Ruff and lives in Hartland Road with her Mummy and Daddy. But…

"Hettie has a secret super power that only her dog Ruff knows about… under her bed is a box of imagination that helps her become Ideas Girl. Can your kids use their creativity to help Hettie solve a problem ...?



Nurturing creativity is a sensorial experience; learning to look and really see, listen and really hear, touch and really feel. Our goal is to develop BIFKiDS resources that fully support these creative styles.

So as a trial, we've had No1 Ideas Girl Lila read the first 2 stories and produce as audio shorts. Take a listen to Ideas Girl below, and a new story not yet published here.



Lilly & Zara,
Ideas girls

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This is BIFKiDS brand collab story No1. This story was inspired by the idea that 'at some point in the near future we need to live in a world where all business has a positive social and environmental impact on the world'... and so what better way to do that than have BIFKiDS solve problems on behalf of brands looking to have a positive social impact; by kids, for kids.

BIFKiDS teamed up with Powershop in New Zealand - an independent consumer friendly energy company - to explore the future of power; how could we better 'make, move and use power'. The challenge was set such that the 'winning' story would be made into a BIFKiDS book.

'Lilly and Zara' are the 2 young girls who inspired this winning story. We chose their idea not just because of their imaginative creative problem solving, but also because it's an idea Powershop might actually launch!

Lilly and Zara... Ideas Girls.