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BIFKiDS is helping kids become next-gen problem solvers through nurturing their creativity; providing creative skills, tools and experiences to help prepare and future proof their futures.

Vivobarefoot is a natural footwear company that is freeing our feet . They're at the forefront of making better footwear built around the neuroscience of movement. For kids, this is critical. The 200,000 nerve endings in children's feet actively 'feel' the environment they're on which send signals that directly impact neural brain development. Unbeknownst to most, putting our kids in hard sole shoes limits the free movement of young feet feeling their surroundings (dulling those 200k nerves) which research shows has a negative impact on creative development!



free kids feet,
free kids minds,
free kids creativity





BIFKiDS and Vivobarefoot are teaming up to help unleash adventurous creativity. Our first collaboration is a completion we're calling #colouredbyBIFKiDS ... and it goes like this:

'Colouring in' is a big part of kids imaginative play and creative development. So we thought what if BIFKiDS and Vivobarefoot set a 'colouring-in' creative challenge based around one of Vivobarefoot top selling kids shoes?

But, rather than have a simple colouring competition, lets make it a BIFKiDS challenge by working through our creative problem solving narrative i.e.



We'll start with exploring WHAT colour actually means to kids; where do they see their favourite colours, if they could hear their favourite colours what do they sound like, if they could touch their favourite colours what do they feel like, and if they could sneak up their favourite colours what would they be doing...


This kind of creative exploration will help kids to tease out and capture WHY they love specific colours; colours in the context of how they make them feel, colours as inspiration for what they do, colours for different times of day, colours for different kinds of play... 


From both WHAT colours they love and WHY, kids then have their own inspiration for HOW they might colour their BIFKiDS Vivobarefoot shoe. We'll provide a template for them to realise their creative idea by colouring in their customised #colouredbyBIFKiDS Vivobarefoot shoe...


Once they've custom coloured their shoe design, they can then further give it a name, or a theme or even a short story about where and how they'll walk, play, create and live in their custom Vivobarefoot shoe.

Then we'll ask parents and care givers to enter their children's #colouredbyBIFKiDS IDEA into the competition by sending it to us as a photo/scan of the completed WORKSHEET.

And the best part of this creative problem solving exercise is... the winning entries will have their coloured shoe made exactly as they've created and Vivobarefoot willl offer it for sale to the world.

Cool huh! Ok, what next..