We are now entering an ‘Apprenticeship Economy’ in which young people have to learn by doing. This generation increasingly defines itself by its enterprise in the ‘10,000hrs’ of graft by which it earns success.

The challenge for this generation is how to not have a career, because a linear career no longer exits for most. Today’s solution is to learn by doing - finding a start, learning ‘on the job’, taking learned experiences forward and trading them into the next ones. From such an agile collection of work experiences, workers will formulate or stumble across their own ‘north star’ ... an empowered, resilient future in which purpose, talent and personal profit collide.

“what should I do with my life’ is the wrong question to be asking - today’s answer is just start”

We’re reframing our BIF enterprise programmes towards building inspirational content and active learning around the notion of 0-1 - a new dynamic path for people to move from education into learning by doing. The goal is to ‘launch’ 0-1 as both philosophy and platform; inspiring next-gen workers to embrace this dynamic future confidently, via exemplar stories and skills investment.